Schools Co-operative Society

  • What We Do

    Co-operation is about working together - creating an environment where all the stakeholders involved, from parents and learners, to staff and members of the community have the best chance of creating a good school for the young people in their community.

    We are able to offer a range of support mechanism from putting schools in contact with each schools within our extensive network to helping schools develop their own systems for school improvement we can imporve their capacity to reach higher standards.

    Our primary purpose in the Eastern Region is to be the first point of contact for any current Co-operative School, or anyone who is interested in how co-operation can raise school standards

Local Support and Networking

Co-operative Schools are all independent schools serving their local community. Although they have their own priorities they all share a common set of values. By working together as a Regional Network not only are we becoming a significant force within education, but we are able to support each other. As a co-operative, SCS | East works to promote, encourage this mutual support between schools, both locally and nationally, that will allow them to develop and thrive. In the current challenging climate we believe we are uniquely placed to provide this for schools.

Services to Schools

With the changing role of local authorities and the increasing number of private educational providers it is vital that schools are able to access a range of ethically sound and good value services for their schools. SCS | East is working to create solutions for schools on a regional basis through our co-operative partners at Anglia Farmers.

Our aim is to develop these services in a way that is relevant to the school. A unique advantage we have is that schools will be able to work alongside providers and development teams to ensure that the service meets their needs, rather than the school having to fit into a pattern from the provider!

Working together

Co-operation between schools and between teachers is one of the best ways to raise standards and to do the best for the young people in your care. The great strength of our wide and diverse network is that we can create those vital links that will be of real use in the classroom and school in general. In addition, when things get difficult, schools will need specialist support to enable them to find good and innovative solutions.

Louder Voice

At regional level, we provide regular comment on the rapidly changing education landscape and a voice for co-operative education through our blogs and Twitter account. We are in regular dialogue with local authorities and a number of key partners, including Higher Education and professional associations.

At national level,  the Schools Co-operative Society provide a voice through direct input into parliamentary committees, working parties and in discussion with the Department for Education